Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday Stats

A nice gentle day on Sunday. Grocery shopping and date night with hubby. Ethan stayed with his grandma for the afternoon and from all reports had a fun time while we went to see a movie (Red 2, almost as good as the first, I want to grow up to be Victoria (Helen Mirren) ) and had my first free meal in a while. Raisinettes at the movie, guacamole burger at Chili's and some frozen custard for dessert. I actually didn't finish the custard in the end.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday Stats

Stats for Saturday:

Busy day overall, apart from my workout (previous post) I kept on my feet as much as I could doing housework or running around after Ethan.

Actual weight loss has been minimal this week but I think that's because of the weights etc. I've lost 2" off my waist so something is being done right. I've always noticed that the day after a hard workout I'll rarely see a scale drop, I've always assumed its muscles retaining water.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here we go again

In the last 4 months I crossed the pond again. Living back in Louisiana, it's not something I had hoped for but we shall make the best of it since this is where life has led us.

I started a new job as a Programmer/Systems Analyst with a health insurance company who is very keen on it's employees personal health so we are encouraged in all sorts of ways. We have a pull up bar in the office and I work on the 7th floor so lots of stairs there. I also took one of my kettlebells in last week and plan on throwing some swings in on a regular basis since the rest of the time I am kicked back at my desk.

I finally got my withings scale and i got my body media armband back out of storage so let the geekery commence.

My bells are still my weapon of choice and I'm logging food on my fitness pal. You can also find me on fitocracy these days which is a favourite for logging workouts. Username is Morkai as usual :).


Sat workout - swing & snatch ladders courtesy of Tracy Reifkind.

12kg bell

  • 1 swing, 1 transfer, 1 swing, 1 transfer (1sw, 1tr, 1sw, 1tr)
  • 2sw, 1tr, 2sw, 1tr
  • 3sw, 1 tr, 3sw, 1tr
  • 4sw, 1 tr, 4sw, 1tr
  • 5sw, 1tr, 5sw, 1tr
30 sec rest

  • 1 snatch, 1 transfer, 1 snatch, 1 transfer
  • 2sn, 1tr, 2sn, 1tr
  • 3sn, 1 tr, 3sn, 1tr
  • 4sn, 1 tr, 4sn, 1tr
  • 5sn, 1tr, 5sn, 1tr
2nd rotation - repeated above going up to 6

3rd rotation - reversed the ladders, 6 down to 1

4th rotation - 5 down to one

Smoked :)


Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Flies

Ethan was 14 months old last Saturday. 

As has been pointed out to me my blog has been somewhat neglected. How to fit just over a year into one post? Wow.. what an adventure. 

My precious bobble head is growing up. Looking back at my last post and the pic of him at 6 weeks, he has changed so much. It's wonderful and sad all at the same time. I want to hold that precious little 8lb baby again and yet I am delighted to see my little munchkin dashing around the flat giggling and getting into as much mischief as he can.

He's walking now, took his first steps the day after his first birthday. He's got 8 teeth, all the front ones, weighs 19lbs and is stinkingly cute.

He started nursery in December, currently going 3 days a week it's been a good socializing time for him and they also get up to much more fun, messy play than Mummy does. We've had some of his first artwork home as well. 

Valentines Day
Mothers Day was March 10th in the UK

March 15th was Red Nose Day, our most popular national charity fund raising event.  

Clutching Wenlock and Mandeville; The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots

Still breastfeeding, will keep that up till he is two most likely as the World Health Organization recommends. Still in his cloth nappies, they've been wonderful and I don't regret them for a minute. He spent one week in disposables recently due to a rather nasty bout of nappy rash and I spent every day checking his nappy every 30 seconds cause they stunk. 

I am definitely becoming a happy hippie Mum and have fallen in love with the Unconditional Parenting methodologies taught by Dr Laura Markham and Alfie Kohn

My personal health and fitness has been slow going but I think I am finally making some strides in the right direction. Given that Ethan has suddenly discovered my belly button and insists on poking it I have a little more inspiration to get it as flat as possible :) I've been doing a Tai Chi Program called Tai Cheng. I've been a follower and fan or Dr Cheng for a long time now and I'm loving this program. Had an urge to learn Tai Chi for a long time and this is fitting the bill nicely. 

I'll leave you with Ethan's first dancing attempts

Saturday, March 10, 2012

On cloth bums and sore boobs

On breast feeding:
I was always adamant about breastfeeding Ethan, and so far it has been going pretty good. He was a strong feeder from the start and whilst it has been exhausting at times, he is still feeding every 2 hours at night currently, I am glad to have persevered. 

We have had our issues, we are fighting a bout of oral thrush in him that has potentially passed to me and after some blocked milk ducts this week I am now on antibiotics to fight that little issue. It has made feeding a teeth gritting experience but hopefully should all clear up soon now I have the right meds for both of us. Only downside is my pumping and milk storage goals for returning to work are up in the air until I finish the course as I don't want to be storing antibiotic laced milk. We had gotten a pretty good start going too... 

I did read that one side affect of the thrush was 'excessive gassiness'. The only real issue he has had so far is the trapped wind and oh wow, he could fart for England. I have to say when he isn't looking to be in pain over it we are high fiveing the lad for some incredible toots. Not only does one have to wonder how such a tiny body holds so much wind but how such tiny butt cheeks can make so much noise. It has led to much amusement on our part. Thankfully they are not stinky otherwise we might not be laughing so hard. I am a big believer in gripe water at this point, not only does he actually get excited to see the dropper but it seems to work a treat and calms him down very quickly when he is squirming around. 

I have breastfed in public a few times now, thanks to my Step mum for her encouragement there back in the first few day's and feel pretty comfortable about it. So far not had any negative experiences either I am very glad to say. 

On cloth nappies:
I was also pretty adamant about giving cloth nappies a good try and whilst we got off to a rocky start on that one I think I have got it down now. There are so many advantages to cloth that I had to give it a go, from earlier potty training, better protection when learning to walk and the sub sequential falling down to added protection to their hips. Not to mention the financial savings, eco-friendliness and they just look so much comfier to wear. :) And dare I say cute?

I did try old fashioned terry cloths but disliked them pretty quickly, I am now building a pretty nice collection of terry and bamboo shaped nappies and they are honestly just as easy as the disposables. The washing is no big deal, I chuck the dirty's into a mesh bag in a bucket and then just throw the bag into the machine every other day. No more soaking and boiling like it was back in my Mum's day. 

Little lamb fluff on the left and with his frog and duck wrap on on the right. Awww.

Developmental news:
I weighed him yesterday and he has put 3lbs on since he was born. He'll be 8 weeks old on Monday. Go son :)

He's started giving us those wonderful big smiles that melt your heart and most recently has started cooing back to us.  Will upload some video of the latter that we caught last night once Koby transfers it off his phone. 

Here's a couple more for the insatiable amoung you. 

1 day old:

One of my favourite pics, 6 weeks old and playing bobblehead.

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Start, New life.

On May 31 2011 my life changed forever. That morning I weighed in at an all time low of 162.4lbs, that pretty much made my day.  I didn't realise that wouldn't be my only good news.

I went to my workout that evening and it was a complete bust. Generally when you don't feel like going to the gym but you go anyway you end up being really glad you did. Not that night, I squeaked out my squats and got halfway through my bench press before calling it done. I felt weak, dizzy and generally seriously out of sorts. You might not be blamed for thinking it was the RFL but I know how I react to that having done it quite a few times now.

I put a few things together and took a test, sure enough, I was 5.5 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy was full of great hopes and plans that didn't go at all the way I envisioned. Thanks to the way he was sitting I had some pretty severe ligament pain in my hips that pretty much put paid to any workouts happening. Along with the fact that we now had a severe deadline to move to the UK by. So my evenings and weekends were taken up with putting our house in order to sell, this involved painting the entire exterior , most of the interior and a whole lot of other work.

We did make it, we landed in the UK on Dec 2nd. On Jan 16th 2012 I gave birth to my son.

I had the most amazing birth experience I could ever have asked for. About 3am I woke up with cramps in my belly, since I had been suffering from some god awful sciatica at the time I chalked it up to just something else that was hurting. It didn't take long to realise however that this was more than just pregnancy twinges. By 7am I was getting regular contractions every 5-10 mins. I called the midwives around 10am and they told me to hang tight until either my waters broke or the contractions were to the point I couldn't talk through them.

It wasn't until around 4pm that I got the first serious teeth gritter. After that things get a little bit hazy, I called the midwives back and they said to stay home still, as a first time Mum it could be quite some time yet especially given I hadn't passed my cervical plug nor had my waters broken yet.

By 6pm I was at 3 mins apart, had lost my breakfast (I never did get as far as eating anything else during the day) and was generally in some serious back pain. Hubby called my Mum who came to get us and we arrived at the midwife led birthing unit at the hospital about 6.30pm. I met Charlotte, the wonderful midwife who was going to be helping me through the birth.

I remember lying on the bed through several contractions while Mum and Hubby rubbed my back and then finally one that just forced my entire body to push. That seemed to spark a flurry of activity and I remember Charlotte telling me not to push yet. I laughed so hard in my head, fighting that urge was like asking the sun not to rise. I managed to get through the next few and Charlotte examined me to find my waters bulging from my cervix. One more contraction and they burst, very odd sensation I have to say. They ran the bath as I was lucky enough to be able to use one of the birthing pools. I had up to this point not had any pain killers, while that was my original plan I must say I think in the end had she actually asked I probably would have said yes to the gas and air at that point.

However getting in to the bath was absolutely amazing, all the pain in my back went away and what followed  was, whilst painful, not excruciating. I entered the bath at 7pm, Ethan was born at 7.51pm.

He weighed 7lbs and 14oz, was two weeks early, and has completely stolen my heart. I should say our, my husband is pretty enamoured of him too and says we can keep him ;)

One proud Papa:

New Granny:

Ethan will be 8 weeks old on Monday, I've been given the all clear to start working out having suffered a 2nd degree tear and it is time to reclaim my body. I'll be retrieving my kettlebells from Dad's on Sunday and I have Lauren Brook's new book Kettlebells for Women to help me on that path. I am exclusively breastfeeding so there will be no crazy diets. Just healthy food and swinging some heavy metal. My scales are still packed up, whilst I know where the KB's are I'm not entirely sure on the scales so unless I find those on Sunday I'm going to be starting a bit in the dark. I do know I'm somewhere around the 200lb mark. Not impressed with that at all but it's just a starting point and I know exactly what to do. Consistency will be the key.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

RFL Day 6

1) 176.2
2) 172.6
3) 168.8
4) 167.8
5) 166.2
6) 165.6

Cals Out: 1991
Cals In: 772
Deficit: 1219
Activity: 3-6 mets: 10 mins, 6+ mets: 0 mins
Steps: 2688
AM Weight: 165.6

B: Black coffee
1:30pm: 6.5oz chicken breast, 1 cup egg beaters, mushrooms, 1 kraft fat free single
8:30pm: 6oz ground turkey, 4oz snapper, mushroom, zucchini, asparagus, lemon/lime juice, sugar free jello

Cals: 772 P: 146.3 C: 18.7 F: 11.9

Ended up painting for about 6 hours. Got a good chunk completely finished with the top coat which makes me happy. Spending a whole weekend doing primer sucks knowing you have to come do it all over again. Hubby finished the outside today too. He's just got the shed left to do out there. Progress is being made.
I was frickin exhausted by the time I finished. Sad considering it's not exactly a tough workout although one has to imagine I got up and down from the floor several hundred times.